Why and how much water for a beautiful skin?!

Beautiful skin starts with a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle consists of health nutrition, workout routines, sufficient sleep, using sunscreen products, drinking much water, smoking cessation and limited caffeine and alcohol consumption. You should also remember that appearance depends much on genetic background, but skin health can be improved. 

Why and how much water for a beautiful skin?

Today we will speak about water.

Human body contains 80% of water. Cosmetologists easily determine if we drink enough water. Our skin filled with moisture inside looks healthy and fresh. In fact, water purifies our body, helps absorb more vitamins and minerals from food, helps to lose weight faster and prevents tiredness. The shortage of water causes sallow complexion. The skin becomes more prone to acne and inflammations.

Most of us drink very little water. A natural feeling of thirst we drown out with fizzy drinks, tea or coffee. For skin excellent condition and get rid of toxins we need to drink 8 or 10 glasses of water a day. Water in the soup does not considered. Tea or coffee cannot replace water, especially fizzy drinks. Remember you need to drink an extra glass of water every time you drink alcohol or coffee.

You can calculate the amount of water you need per day. For this: 30 ml of water per kg of your weigh in autumn and winter and 40 ml in spring and summer. It will be the right amount of water for you.

I always forget about drinking water, but I remember about coffee, fruit-drinks, etc. I drink coffee in the morning and at lunchtime. On vacation, I can easily have a cup of coffee in the evening. However, lately, I have been trying hard to control myself and drink water.

Why and how much water for a beautiful skin?!

Here are some tips that help me “bring myself” to drink water:
  • Download an app on your smartphone. In this app, you can note down the amount of water you drank. The app will calculate how many glasses of water you need to drink that day.

  • Buy a nice water bottle that will be pleasant to carry with you; you can keep it at home by the laptop or in the place where you spend more time.

  • Keep your bottle or decanter in sight (put in the car, on the desktop), so that reminds you of time “to drink”.

  • Make a plan of drinking. Drink a glass of water in the morning, drink another glass while cooking, before going out and after return home, a glass of water while working at the laptop and during break at work. Gradually you will drink water automatically.

  • If you cannot drink plain water, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the water.

  • It is better to drink a little bit, than forcibly drink a glass, thereby discouraging the desire to drink water, so do not pour a full glass.

  • If an hour after eating you feel hungry, then most likely this is a thirst, just drink a glass of water.

Over time, you will get used and start drink water with pleasure!

How much water do you drink per day?

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