How to choose a dress for a “special” day?!

Wedding, prom or just a formal evening party is a very important event for every girl. She will have to select a beautiful, suitable dress, do her hair and makeup. She needs to put her favorite sweater and comfortable jeans into her wardrobe and turn into a lady.

I want to tell to you about dresses for special occasions. 

Here are some of my tips on how to choose the best dress for a celebration:

  • In most cases the bride chooses a traditional white dress. But at the same time it`s necessary to pay attention to how you feel in this dress. You should feel comfortable to move, sit at the table and most importantly to dance in this dress.
  • Bridesmaid dress should not be white. Even if the bride chose a dress of a different color. In this case you will look more like a bride than the bride herself.
  • On the wedding day it is better not to choose mini-dresses. Choose a more traditional knee-length dress or the one that is slightly below knees.
  • For a prom night you can choose trendy options for dresses basing on your taste. And you will be able to wear this dress for other events and parties after graduation.

Below I will give you examples of dresses for a variety of occasions that I liked the most:

wedding dress
This wedding dress is a bit like the one which I was wearing when I got married. That is why I liked it more than others. The style of the dress is simple but the embroidery makes it special and very beautiful.

bridesmaid dresse
This dress is perfect for a bridesmaid. It is very delicate color, simple but with a bright accent at the waist. I like the length of the dress which will allow you to dance till you drop. dress

This dress can be worn to a wedding if you are invited as a guest or any other gala evening.

prom dress
If you are a fan of short dresses, you will like this variant for a prom night. You can also wear it to any other parties.

prom dress
It’s a great option of a long dress for a prom.

What kind of dresses do you choose for a celebration? Have you already been a bride or a bridesmaid? What dresses were you wearing?

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