How to choose blotting sheets?!

Not everybody’s face skin is perfect. Many people complain at sebaceous gland’s activity, which makes skin oily. However, there is one solution – it is an oil-blotting paper.

MISSHA Magic View Oil Paper and SkinFood Oil Control Film

What is this for?

There are sebaceous glands under the skin. On the one hand, they moisturize the skin and protect it from drying.  On the other hand, if secretion of sebum is increase, face becomes oily and glossy, so it does not look well.

How does oil-blotting paper work?

It is a small piece of paper impregnated with special solution, which settles on the skin and helps remove excess of sebum production. Thereby gloss disappears.

There are different kinds of oil-blotting paper. Practically, every cosmetic brand produces them. Sometimes it is difficult to choose, but everything is possible.

How to choose? It is necessary to pay attention on: 

  • Ingredients. Alcohol can dry the skin very much. It is very good when some of ingredients are polymers, because they adsorb excess of sebum as moisture. It may contain powder ingredients sometimes. In this case, you should be careful with color.
  • Smell. It depends on each person. Someone prefers various odors in cosmetics, but someone prefers odorless cosmetics.
  • About material. Better, choose wipes which made of non-woven material. Today increasingly used synthetic and combined materials.
  • Pack. It has to be convenient to use and compact to carry it in your handbag.
  • Be sure to pay attention to expiration date. After expiration date ingredients can change the properties and become harmful.

MISSHA Magic View Oil Paper and SkinFood Oil Control Film

I use oil-control paper MISSHA Magic View Oil Paper and SkinFood Oil Control Film.

MISSHA Magic View Oil Paper

SkinFood Oil Control Film

I like more SkinFood Oil Control Film. They matt the skin slightly better, they are softer themselves, do not rustle and more pleasant to use. However, MISSHA Magic View Oil Paper have the packing that is more convenient and their size is slightly larger.

MISSHA Magic View Oil Paper and SkinFood Oil Control Film

When these oil-control paper end I will buy oil-blotting paper of the other brands. It does not mean they are not good, I just want to try something new. Perhaps to compare with those that I had.

What oil-blotting paper do you use? Which brands do you prefer?   

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