Review: Desert Essence

The times when the only task for the shampoo was purely to wash your hair have passed. Now shampoo means nutrition, hydration, rejuvenation, shine etc.

Today let`s talk about the shine.

Desert Essence, Organics, Red Raspberry
Shine is a sign of healthy hair. So we go and buy shampoo for hair shine))), so I bought the duo with raspberry flavor Desert Essence, Organics, Red Raspberry Shampoo and Desert Essence, Conditioner, Red Raspberry. It`s suitable for all hair types.

The smell of these products is wonderful, really enjoyable but it doesn`t remain on the hair.

This transparent shampoo foams well what leads to economical consumption. It perfectly washes the hair, washes off oil masks with a flow from the first try. It does not irritate the scalp, does not cause dandruff (although I have sensitive scalp, rather prone to get dandruff).

Desert Essence Red Raspberry
The conditioner is thick and white, it is well distributed throughout the hair.

Desert Essence, Organics
This duo really shine, as the manufacturer promises. Hair is smooth, very soft to the touch, silky, nourished and well groomed. Even without styling products, my hair is straight, shiny and fresh.

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