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I have always wanted to buy some device for skin cleansing and care. I’ve decided not to buy Clarisonic as I didn’t want to change applicators every three months, and as for money it was too expensive. I decided to choose Foreo LUNA™ , which didn’t need changing every three months, besides the second side of the device is designed for massage and anti-wrinkle therapy. I assumed it was a great investment.

Foreo LUNA
I bought it in the beginning of 2014, so I’ve been using it for two years already.

Foreo LUNA™ — Beauty Device has become super popular lately.

Use it up to 2 minutes for every application with regular skin care products and enjoy immediately radiant and more healthy-looking skin.

Foreo LUNA™ is produced in three versions: for combination skin, for sensitive/normal skin and for very sensitive skin. There is also a mini option for travelling. And devices for men. 

I’ve chosen the device for combination skin though my skin is sensitive but at the same time I have enlarged pores so I’ve suggested that this version would be perfect for me.

Foreo LUNA
The design of the device just captivated me. It looks stunningly on the shelf in the bathroom.

Foreo LUNA
Silicone brushes cleanse skin carefully so it suited perfectly even to my sensitive skin.

Foreo LUNA™
In the front of the device there is the on/off button and -/+ button to increase or reduce the action speed, it has 8 rates, the mini option has only 2 rates.

Every few seconds the device gives you a signal to change the action zone of the device. You need 2 minutes to cleanse the face and 2 more minutes to massage the face in problem areas.

Foreo LUNA
There is a port for charging in the back of the device. It’s waterproof and you can easily use it while taking shower.

Foreo LUNA
As for the charging. You won’t believe it, but I’ve been using it for almost two years and I have never charged it. I don’t know how it’s possible but it really still works)) That’s why it’s super handy thing!!!

Foreo LUNA
During cleansing I moist my face with water, apply the cleanser directly on Foreo LUNA™ and start cleaning my face by massage lines. If I have make up on my face so firstly I remove makeup and then I use any cleansing product.

Foreo LUNA
Then I wipe the face with the toner, apply the serum and use the other side of Foreo LUNA™, and treat the line areas prone to the formation of wrinkles; also the absorption of skin care products improves.

Foreo LUNA
Each device has the limited warrantee period of 2 years and quality assurance of 10 years. There is a plastic card with the serial number in the package. After delivery you need to register it at the website to get after-sales service. Though I did it one year ago, nevertheless they registered me, I only indicated the date of the purchase.

Foreo LUNA
You can take the device in journeys because it needs little space, very lightweight and is completed with travelling case.

Foreo LUNA
Foreo LUNA™ became an asset for me. It is nice to use, it cleanses my sensitive skin carefully without injuring it, stimulates blood circulation, massages problem areas that need anti-aging skin care, relaxes face muscles.

Have you already used Foreo LUNA™? If not, do you intend to try?

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