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Blueberry iced tea Recipe (+Video)

The Ice tea – a refreshing drink for a hot summer. Although I like to drink it all year round. The best way to get rid of thirst is iced tea. It takes only several minutes to make it, but it is effective for an hour. The most delicious, healthy and cooling is homemade iced tea. It is easy and quick to make it. First you need to brew tea

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Iced coffee Recipe

I’m a huge fan of coffee, natural coffee in particular, not instant coffee.  I drink it everyday, I have tried different types of it. Recently I decided to vary my morning and make a coffee cocktail. It was very delicious and refreshing. Of course, it will be a real godsend in hot weather, but you can pamper yourself even in winter. To recap, it’s making coffee without heat–mix and let

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