About me

My name is Oxana.

I’ve been long interested in cosmetics, I especially love face care products and hair care products, and I try to study ingredients in detail, for what type of skin it is suitable and what action to expect from this product.

About me- light-berry.com

Another thing I’m obsessed with is cooking. I’ve been cooking since I was a kid. I cook everything from snacks, to candy, cakes, cupcakes, etc. I know different tricks in cooking.

When I had a lot of information, I decided to create a blog to share my impressions and experience, maybe you’ll know something new, or remember forgotten old things.

In the blog, you’ll find posts about cosmetics – makeup and face care products, for hair and body, everything connected with beauty and health. Lots of recipes that everyone can cook.

Well, of course, when there’s a beautiful housewife, a good dinner, we need a clean, cozy house. I’ll tell you how I keep clean and comfortable in the house.

I’ll also talk about my travels, show you some interesting places to visit.

I’ll be happy to receive valuable advice in the form of comments, I’ll try to be useful, and share my experience.

I wish everyone a pleasant pastime on the pages of the blog!