6 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

The success of our day is largely dependent on the  mood in which we wake up and with what emotions we go to work or study.

6 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

Today I would like to share with you small tips and tricks that make my morning happy and productive; and I hope it will help you to meet a new day with a smile and good mood.

  • Put the alarm away from your bed

I set the alarm and put it further away from the bed, otherwise I click on the snooze button and sleep on. But when the iPhone is far away I need to get up to turn off the alarm. And so I got out of bed and ready to start my day.

  • Put a bottle of water in the bedroom

Water – in the morning, your body is dehydrated because it hasn’t received water for about 8 hours. In addition, we sweat while sleeping. This loss of water can be supplied by a glass or a bottle of water in the morning. Since we have a cat, I prefer to put a bottle of water near the bed instead of a glass.

  • Draw back  the curtains

As soon as I wake up and drink some water, I go to draw back the curtains and the room become filled with light. If you can’t do this in the bedroom, for example, if your husband (or boyfriend) is still sleeping, then draw back the curtains in the living room. If it’s still dark outside, do it anyway. This will become a habit and will be part of your morning routine.

You can also open the window to bring fresh air to help wake you up.

  • Turn on the coffee machine or kettle and go to take a shower

After a shower, you can immediately pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea. My coffee machine has a timer function that is very convenient. If your coffee machine also has additional functions, do not forget to use them, this will greatly facilitate your life.

  • Laugh at yourself

How many times do you laugh a day? Did you know that children laugh 300 to 400 times a day and adults – only 10-15 times?! In the morning, smile while standing in front of a mirror or turn up your favorite music. This will be the perfect start to the day!

After the shower, I turn on the vacuum cleaner and go to the kitchen to cook breakfast. For daily cleaning, this is a great thing. Also, if guests come unexpectedly, you don’t have to clean the house in a hurry.

What tips do you have for a perfect morning?! Tell me in the comments.

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